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African Fusion
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Profile (Hafrikan Prince Art World Art beyond Act….)

Hafrikan Prince Art World (HPAW)– is a Hub for Art and culture lovers. Hafrikan Prince Art World is purely organic and stand to discover different forms art to expand the art industry and also using the Art  to promote self-consciousness, awareness, peace, love, tolerance, Unity, literary art, creative art, Spiritual art to heal humanity and culture of moral values and discipline for the recreation of creation. Art beyond act as the motto of the organization is to provide artists and art lovers with sensational arks of art. We believe Art is realistic perception of realism that can reform and reestablish mechanism of consciousness which can result and replace societal discipline, moral attitude, social tolerance, political sustainability, Religious unity, cultural preservation and purification of humanity against Racism, War, Humiliation, Abuses, Nuclear weapon, Global warming, corruption, Aids and other forms of deadly diseases.
From the Founder and C.E.O Waheed Musah ( Poet, Strategist, Project Analyst, Dramatist, Coach, Youth and Gender Advocate, Playwright, Cultural and Global Peace Activist)