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African Fusion


Almost everyday, we receive emails from artists asking of how to get their songs posted on the Afrofuse website. We have replied a lot of such emails and now decided to post it in our tips session so that artists can also get to read and provide us with the necessary information we need to post these songs or videos. We have 2 types of services which are; the FREE and PREMIUM services. We recommend all artists to go for the free services because we think as an upcoming artist, you need to save more money and take advantage of our high traffic website to get your songs out there…

This is what we need to do:

  1. Artwork or Cover art of the song. Must be very decent and must not portray anything that is forbidden for children under 18 to see or have access to.
  2. A well mixed and mastered song in MP3 format or A link of your video
  3. Tell us your artistic name, who you featured (If any) and the producer of the song; and tell us if it’s a single, from an album, from a mixtape, or a cover song.
  4. Tell us what your song talks about or what the concept is all about.
  5. If its your first time, give us some info about yourself. Your previous releases, future releases and what you wish people should know about you.
  6. You can add anything you think will be interesting for people to know and become loyal fans.
  7. 1 Song per submission. Unless its an EP, Mixtape or Album.


Complying with just these will guarantee your track getting published on Afrofuse website. We do not care about the content of the song so far as it sounds good and worth downloading. But remember that a well produced song and an awesome video will win you more fans and greater opportunities. Please if you abuse the free service, you may be listed in the “Black List”… For info about the PREMIUM services, contact us when you want to know more. Email us   afrofuse8368@gmail.com

NB: Please do not add us to a list of emails. Bulk emails go to SPAM box automatically. We may see if we happen to check our spam box. To be sure we have it in our inbox, send it to us alone and directly…