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FUN BOX: Basketmouth Blind Date 2

Basket mouth is back again with his Blind Date. This time it’s a white woman he takes out. Her name is Kate ... Read more

FUN BOX: Basketmouth ft Chigul – Expensive Gift

In this Basketmouth comedy video, Basket mouth takes his babe Chigul for a special surprise. She’s very excited and calls all her ... Read more

FUN BOX: Basketmouth, Bovi and Buchi in Operation Crack

In this funny Basketmouth comedy video, He and Bovi act as policemen on an operation. They’re busting a same-sex couple and take ... Read more

FUN BOX: Basketmouth ft. Bovi and Yinka Akinlawon – Babe for Sale

Basket Mouth finds out his girlfriend has been dating a rich old politician. He decides to confront the man with his friend ... Read more

FUN BOX: Basketmouth Skit ft Gordons and Koffi – New Church

Basketmouth is a Nigerian pastor in this funny video. He has just opened a new church called The Church of Nebudchadnezzer Church ... Read more

FUN BOX: Basketmouth in Man of God Skit ft. Bovi

In this Funny Nigerian video skit, Basketmouth takes a girl to his house. Just before they get started, he turns on the ... Read more

FUN BOX: Basketmouth in Biggest Fan Skit

Funny Nigerian comedian Basketmouth gets a call from a fan in this video – his biggest fan The fan asks for free ... Read more

FUN BOX: Basketmouth Becomes Pastor

In this funny Basketmouth video, we see Basket has given his life to Christ and become a pastor. Praise the lord? Hallelujah. ... Read more