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Afrofuse ( African Fusion ) Africa Music Video Hub of Your Favorite Artists. First destination for the Latest Music Videos by Your Favorite Artists. Check out Our Charts, Music, Lifestyle, Culture and Entertainment News from the Afro beat music genre.

Dedicated to becoming an industry source for the world’s top talent as well as the unsigned community, Afrofuse is a community driven effort to bring both awareness and further artist exposure inside this tightly knit genre.

Both the listening community and aspiring artists will have a platform on the website, and they encourage artists to get involved in the community as a means of promoting their own unique sound. Whether you are new to the genre and looking to explore its musical offerings or a dedicated listener seeking a single solution for all your daily industry fix, Afrofuse provides unparalleled coverage of all aspects of the genre. Never before has a site so fully and effectively covered the ins and outs of the unique musical impact of Afro beat.
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